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My Story

Hey, It’s Aarthi!

I am a Digital marketer who assists people in growing their Small businesses online.

I’ve always been interested in technology, when I was nine years old, I started my personal blog where I wrote about my weekly routine and places I visited and etc.

I began digital marketing at the age of 17 and experimented in a variety of niches before becoming a Digital Marketing expert.

I started Digitalaarthi to educate and inspire others to find their business ideas, passions, and opportunities to advance in their careers.

Today’s online businesses are growing at a rapid pace, but some people are still unsure of how to get started.

This sparked the idea for me to start a blog where I can teach people how to become skilled in any profession and self-sufficient.

My Mission

My mission is to support small businesses in navigating the confusing world of online marketing. Our goal is to help the business build a professional web presence while still educating them on the best digital marketing strategies for their industry.

My aims are extremely clear: “To assist people in the best way I can and to help them to grow their businesses in a digital way.

  • Experience
  • Passion
  • Talent
This website has awesome digital marketing articles containing good information. I really loved the articles and I would like to see more. Thanks for sharing..

Hi Aarthi Choudhary,
I’m really impressed with your post, almost you covered all the views or doubts about Digital marketing. It will surely help so many persons, keep it up the same for us. Thanks a lot.
Abhishak sharma

Thanks for sharing this helpful full guide for digital marketing students and who recently started their career in digital marketing it’s 100% help full for newcomers.

Varun Reddy

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